Libertarian Party – Ground Troops for Liberty

Stop being a “political” party in the traditional sense. Get out in front of any issue which is popular or populist with a libertarian bent – whether its the latest licensing outrage that Institute for Justice is fighting – let them fight in the courts while you highlight the fight and bring it to the ground! Just like ACORN is the thug arm of leftist shakedown politics, the LP should be ground troops for libertarian causes – highlighting every major issue strategically using all resources available – youtube, blogs, money bombs for causes, and campaigning. In short, make LIBERTY YOUR CAUSE, not political victory. This is the only viable, and hell, USEFUL model I see for the Libertarian Party.

Another way to successfully mimic ACORN and the union coalition tactics would be in fighting corporatism – go and protest in front of corporate headquarters and CEO’s homes.
The banners could read something like

“GE – We bring subsidies to life!”
“Bank of America – we convert your tax dollars to our bonuses”

This would have the advantage of stealing the anti-corporate issue from the mindless left and diverting it for usage in a libertarian paradigm.

Any more ideas?

Well, whatever else we can think of, I’m reasonably certain in my opinion that the Libertarian Party should stop being a political party
and become an activist brigade.

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