The Death of the Repeal-Replace Movement

Lets see what we have here:
1) A healthy majority of voters oppose ObamaCare
2) Around 40% of Independent voters say ObamaCare is the main issue this fall affecting their voting pattern
3) A conservative electoral wave threatening to sweep away even safer Democrats this fall.

And what does the Republican Party do?


Release a wimpy, cowardly, full-of-rhetoric, short-of-solids “Pledge“.

They pledged to continue the ban on pre-existing conditions in health care. Do you know what that means? Thats the NUCLEUS of the package that is ObamaCare. If they can’t repeal ObamaCare (and of course with Obama they can’t) then why even bring that up? Include some crap about defunding and delaying. Why mention keeping the very heart of ObamaCare? Do you realize that if they want to keep that, the rest of the package stays? The individual mandate, the subsidies?

Here’s a quote from the pathetic Pledge:

We will make it illegal for an insurance company to deny coverage to someone with prior coverage on the basis of a pre-existing condition…

More Info HERE

So, you’d think that after the strong resistance and disgust of conservative bloggers towards ObamaCare, they would be screaming from the rooftops about how stupid, feckless, cowardly, and , did I say stupid this healthcare pledge is? Don’t bother. They are far more interested in sucking
elephant dick

I tried to alert the high and mighty of conservative bloggers to this outrageous pledge. But the commenters had so many elephant cocks in their mouths, that they dissed me off. The kinder ones told me that I was paranoid, and this was all insinuation and we should withhold judgment till we get legislative details after Congress is seated post-election, like so:

Until we see details, speculating that a sentence in the pledge can only mean the worst possible interpretation is simply a foolish knee-jerk reaction.

Fine then, I thought. The Rs are probably just wimpin’ it out so as to not expose themselves too much for donk attacks.
But then I flipped thru to FoxNews and what do I see? A Republican Kevin McCarthy on Hannity repeating the talking point about banning insurance companies from discriminating against patients with pre-existing conditions.

So these feckless traitors have adopted the key plank of the Progressive healthcare platform and have passed it off as conservative or libertarian. Simply disgusting. Oh God how I deluded myself that with these crazy-ass Tea Party candidates, the establishment elephants would be stopped from adopting more Proggie planks, but no. Its happened again, AND NO ONE SEEMS TO HAVE NOTICED, besides Reason Mag and Progressive think tank ThinkProgress

And whats worse? Could it be any worse? Oh yes, they have planned to repeal ObamaCare, and replace it.
Replace it with what? Something that bans discrimination based on pre-existing conditions. This is so fucking hilarious in a fuck-me-sideways kinda way that I’m paralyzed. Paralyzed by the tragicomedy. Please make it stop!

As another proggie blogger said, the Republicans do not aim to repeal-and-replace, but Repeal and Replicate

Goodnight America

1 thought on “The Death of the Repeal-Replace Movement

  1. Superficialities first: like your blog design. I like monochrome, minimalist blogs.

    The things you’re pointing at here are why I moved from libertoid, to right-wing, to reactionary. Being finally outside the box, I can comfortably hate on Republicans as a nothing more than a more palatable serving of the democratic disease. After thirty or forty years of aging, even the most radical beliefs start to seem reasonable, if I only by comparison with fresher, nastier radical beliefs.

    It will be interesting to see how big the sell out eventually is. There are going to be a lot of disheartened teapartiers out there, over the next two years. What will happen? The question will be whether the Republicans split, or the tea partiers.

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